Its your first call of the day...

8am pick up at the corner of Bay and Wellington, the streets are buzzing with cars, buses, and people everywhere. Downtown Toronto living. You make your way through the crowded streets to the building. You lock up and turn your radio down so you don't get static in the elevators. You press the big red button and the light flashes as the bell dings, shiny metal doors open to your own personal glass elevator.

The tiny lift turns into a myriad of sour souled office jockeys, a few make eye contact, but quickly break attention. You hear them chatting about how much they love "transition" seasons, and scarves. Finally after an eternity the bell tolls for the 33rd floor. You step out of the hushed whispers a ghost on the move. You wrench open the door there it is... That perfect crisp white envelope. Gary the mail guy, shouts from behind a stack of envelopes, you can barely make out his greeting. Too focused on that envelope. You didn't have time or a free hand to check where you're dispatcher was sending you, But you really don't care.... Its a Monday morning in the city! The air smells like fall, you can already feel the cold starting to set in. But its just another day in the city, another day riding you're bike. 

As we finish off our summer here at Sendit, we have alot of amazing things to reflect on. This summer we hosted another successful May Day Alley cat race in support of the BMEF (bike messenger emergency fund) 

 What a great way to kick off all of our summers, to host a race with all of our friends in support of all of our #messfam Once again Bike Pirates hosted our after party. Bike pirates has consistently blown all of our expectations out of the water. They recently moved into their new space on Queen street west and they are ruling the DIY bike mechanic volunteer world. If you need to fix a flat and don't want to pay for shop premiums learn how to do it yourself with the amazing knowledgeable volunteers at Bike Pirates Also one of the only DIY shops with women's and trans only nights. Really eating away at that typical bike dude stereotype. 

Our triple crown race series was a huge success! some of our amazing sponsors really stepped up and added to the fun and competition involved with Alley cats. Forward cycling donated one of their amazing women's jerseys for first women racer This sweet jersey was won by one of our own Sendit ladies Amber.

Ex messenger Dominic Pollard ended up winning this summers race series collecting the most points and being covered in the Toronto star as top racer of the Sendit courier triple crown race series! Check out this sweet photo that our friend Cole Burston took of Dom winning!

We had alot of ups this summer and also some all time lows. This summer one of our fellow couriers passed away. He leaves behind his amazing sons and loving family. We took part in  a fundraiser for his family and raised over 10,000$ in one night! He leaves behind a legacy on the road, known as one of the fastest Toronto couriers, and we will always remember him. #ghostsonthestreet #chrisfuckingpeters

We have alot to celebrate for, Chris Peters, and our awesome summer! We had a guest courier from Scotland join our team for a month. Allan Shaw is visiting us from his world wide trip! We are so happy to have this guy working for us, he also was awarded the coveted employee of the month award, which is viewed as one of the highest accolades at Send it Courier. He hustled his butt off and is leaving us this September for another taste of adventure in Australia! Say hey to Lewis, Craig, And Maxine. Be sure to wish him well on his next adventure on his last day September 23rd :'( 

Earlier this month the Denver North American Cycle Courier Championship was held. There was a huge race through Denver's city streets, a lot of couriers came from all around the world for this amazing event. Hell of a win by all star Austin Horse  and Kelly Pennington of our sister company Chasseurs courier  Join us in congratulating these hustlers for their first place wins!  Congrats everyone!

Recently we acquired a new Larry vs Harry Bullitt to better handle the amount of business we have been getting! That brings our fleet of bullets up to 7! We are always going further, and delivering more stuff for our clients and this will only allow us to grow even more.

Our summers had a huge impact on all of us, we made some amazing new relationships and hashed out some amazing ideas for Sendit Courier, stay tuned next month for another update of where we are headed and what we are all about. If you want to stay very current with us, Follow us on Twitter under the handle @senditcourier and be sure to follow us on instagram @senditcourier for our daily updates of us cruising the streets doing what we do: Sending it.