You purposefully run over the crunchy leaves in the road, just to listen to the satisfying snap of dried flora. The wind is picking up, and the clouds seem to settle over the city like a giant wool blanket. Toronto is in the grips of nature's turning over. It starts in the trees; you notice the varying shades of orange and yellow as you head south on Baldwin Street. The familiar honking of geese in the far-off distance, mingled with the sights and sounds of a busy city.

It’s officially Fall and that's got us thinking about the cooler weather! As we start gearing up for our hard and fast winter months, we have been prepping our fleet of Bullitt cargo bikes for the salt and grime this city has to offer. Simple tasks, which will add up for a smoother ride. Regular maintenance is key in this city. Check out this write-up about us in NOW magazine. It features some of our riders on the move during the early months of 2015. Looking back on all of the winters our riders have seen makes us all pretty humble here at Send It. Riding our Bullitts up and down the narrow tire tracks on busy downtown streets really emphasizes how dangerous and wonderful our job can be. Staying warm on the road can be a tricky balance of layers, and how many jobs you are getting.

Since the company was formed in 2012, we have been relying on the Bullitt cargo bikes for our catering hours and we couldn't be happier. Larry and Harry came together with an amazing idea, to make a "strong & sexy" cargo bike. We bought another one of these amazing bikes to help us serve our clients better. Recently we completed a six-bike delivery order of over 840 liters of fresh bagels. Our fleet of Bullitts is the largest in North America, and it's something we like to brag about. Check out our Cargo Armada.

Our fleet of Larry vs Harry Cargo Bullitt bikes

Our fleet of Larry vs Harry Cargo Bullitt bikes



The recent misogynistic ad campaign launched by Chrome Industries made all of us a lot more aware of our society’s outlook towards women. The ad features two topless women marketing Brooklyn Streets, passing out flyers. As a community, we are all proud of our bodies regardless of shape, size, colour, and sex. We embrace our differences, however, representing a singular race of women's bodies to the public to sell a product isn't something we choose to support. The messenger community converged on Chrome's campaign, calling it both disrespectful and misogynistic. The recent formation of the Women's Bike Messenger Association just reinforces the notion that women in our culture need to be recognized rather than objectified.

Womens Bike Messenger Association reaction to Chromes' ad campaign

Womens Bike Messenger Association reaction to Chromes' ad campaign


 Our market is huge, and there are so many misrepresentations of race and sex. This culture is rich and it should be reflected that way. Spoke Magazine really nailed this article about race and inclusion in cycling communities.

One of our own riders, Vince Vining, has decided to launch a fundraiser, where he rides his bike from Montreal, Quebec, to Halifax, NS. We are just as amped as he is for this project in support of the BMEF and IWK Grace Hospital. He needs a little help from his friends on this endeavour and is accepting donations to his cause. Check out his blog and donate to this amazing dude.

October is one of our favourite months here at Send It Courier, for many, many reasons. One being La Course Des Morts, hosted by the Messengers of Montreal, and one of our favourite start-ups, Chasseurs. We sent a large crew up to Montreal, all sharing the dream of winning this annual alley cat. There was an incredible turnout this year, making it one of North America’s largest pre-registered alley cats. 

Photo courtesy of  Chat de Ruelle

Photo courtesy of Chat de Ruelle

One our riders, Amelia, tells all about her first experience with Course Des Morts:  

Amelia #808 telling us about her trip to Montreal 

Amelia #808 telling us about her trip to Montreal 

K: What was your first thought when you registered for this annual race? A: Oh shit, am I gonna die?
K: Was this your first alley cat? A: [Laughing] Yes, it was my first race.
K: Were you nervous? A: I was hyped up, but I wasn't nervous, I was with Vince and I knew he would take care of me.
K: What was the best checkpoint of the race? A: The one at the Chasseurs Courrier office, because I had to climb up the stairs, and it felt very realistic. [chuckles] And Andrew put my bike in a tree and it was funny. Also they were playing 'nothing compares 2 u' very loudly.
K: How hectic was the start of the race? A: I don't really have anything to compare it to, but the build-up was pretty tense because there were so many people.
K: How long was the race? A: it was two hours of pure adrenaline, plus 20 minutes of rest while I got a ticket, and another five minutes while we patched a flat, two manifests and 10 checkpoints.
K: Would you go back to Montreal for next year’s Course des Morts? A: F to the friggin yes, I want more of DJ, TJ.

Recently we had one of our friends Ike Ink ,  in Montreal print some beautiful new Send It Courier merchandise for us. We received high praise on these beauties, and have a limited quantity. 

October has been fun! Check back next month for another update from Send it Courier.